Would a Muzzle Brake Ever Be Successful When Used on a Handgun?

One fine day the consensus was that muzzle brakes would be used as attachments to semi-autos as well as an alternative to flash hiders that’s being used for burst firing. It seems to work quite well on weapons like the Thermite 556xi.

What Was the Purpose of the First Muzzle Brake Attachment?
It was intended to reduce the recoil of the shot you take. However, as far as automatic fire is concerned, it came as a total surprise to all involved when they discovered what a fantastic job it did in reducing the recoil of automatic fire too. Needless to say, it makes a brake a suitable option to control tap firing.

Besides, not only does a kinetic muzzle brake reduce the recoil of the first shot taken, but it also lessens the time it would take for your weapon to recenter itself, which is perfect for tap firing purposes.

On the other hand, a compensator does an excellent job of reducing the starting recoil intensity when taking your first shot and it reduced just how much your weapon would kick off the center while it reduces the maximum recoil intensity one would expect it to reach. On further investigation, you may notice that it takes a little longer for the shooter to reach his or her maximum recoil intensity compared to when you make use of a muzzle brake, which is due to the lower initial start and the fact that the maximum recoil intensity is reduced. As your first shot recoil remains unaffected, it is not suited to tap firing.

Then you get the popular flash hider that apparently does a good job at reducing re-centering time. But, not as much as a muzzle brake would. The flash hider reduces first shot recoil just fine, but it is simply not as effective as a muzzle brake for hunting rifles Regarding, lessening the maximum recoil intensity, the compensator comes out victorious compared to the flash hider. Therefore, the flash hider is effective for full auto and tap firing.

Handguns and Muzzle Brakes – A Margolin Experience Worth Remembering
Once World War II came to its end, a guy by the name of Margolin abandoned the pistol design he worked on before the war and focused his attention on the Margolin MCM instead. The first pistols were built during 1948.

It wasn’t long before his design gained worldwide attention in the year 1954 during the 36th World Championship shooting contest in Caracas, Venezuela. History was made when a Russian named Nikolai Kalinichenko surprised everyone with a very well placed firing sequence. In just two days of taking 60 shots, he managed to score a whopping 584 points where he beat the world record that was set by Benner, an American. At the time, Nikolai was using Mikhail Margolin’s new pistol.

This world record victory, achieved by using Margolin’s pistol was made possible thanks to its revolutionary design features. It was designed in such a way that it handle balanced weights that one could attach to steady the firearm during firing. Even better, the pistol could be fitted with a muzzle brake to help prevent the gun barrel from rising during shooting, which is commonly referred to as muzzle climb.Image result for muzzle brake handgunThe muzzle brake would be fitted towards the end of the barrel of your handgun where it would redirect any expanding gasses upward and rearwards to counter muzzle rise. Margolin went one step further by designing an updated version that was equipped with an aluminum slide, which would move backward and forward on a semi-automatic pistol, ejecting the empty bullet case as it moves backward, before chambering the new round when it moves forward. The light slide made it possible for the shooter to have a steady hand during firing.

Mikhail went on to design sights to enhance accuracy levels. To accomplish this, he placed a rear sight on the frame of the pistol and created a bridge where the slide can pass through. As you can imagine his designs were very different from the traditional pistols where he sights were fitted to the slide itself. By placing the sight at on the stationary bridge, Margolin managed to improve the accuracy of his pistol.

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