TrafficHeap Affiliate Program

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Your Additional Income Source

With our 2 Level Affiliate Program our members can build up a long-term stable & passive Income on the Internet. We pay out up to 40% of our revenue to our Affiliates. We provide our members with eye-catching Advertising Material, fast and simple workflow, Team tracking and encouragement features, and the most important: daily payouts. All these facts are marking our members & affiliates A LOT OF MONEY since TrafficHeap started!

2 Levels Deep

Our Affiliate Program will pay you 2 levels deep! What does this mean? It means you will not only receive referral commission from your affiliates, but even from the affiliates your friends invite!


Each purchase is automatically credited to your account, available instantly for withdrawal or spending! Helping your friends advertising needs satisfied will also earn you money! Win-Win situation for both of you!

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