Frequently Asked Questions About TrafficHeap

  • What is TrafficHeap?

    TrafficHeap is an advertising platform, an affiliate program and a payback program. With our website, you can

    • Advertise your Websites or Referral Links
    • Invite your friends and earn money from their purchases
    • Earn back the amount you've spent and EVEN MORE!
    • Use our FREE rotator to advertise multiple websites on PTC / other sites with a single order

  • How do you receive this amount of visitors what you can sell to your members?

    TrafficHeap advertises it's rotator on several, high traffic Paid To Click, Paid to Promote and Revenue Sharing websites. By advertising on these sites you can be sure, your website will be shown for the visitor to see. These websites have an anti-cheat system and also our rotator has one as well. This enables us to deliver a huge amount of REAL visits to our buyers.

    The rotator is being advertised in high traffic PTC and Traffic Exchange websites, like: ClixSense, NeoBux, ScarletClicks, ClixTen, UltimateClixx EasyHits4U and so on.

  • Do you have any other advertising methods?

    You can also advertise your banners with TrafficHeap! With a token purchase you can select whether you want to add your site to our rotator, or if you want to add your banner to be shown thru our member's area and inside our rotator!

  • What is the Payback Program? How does it work?

    The Payback program is program made by TrafficHeap that allows every advertiser to take part in the success of our company. Because we buy advertising in bulk, we can receive cheaper prices on the PTC / PTP websites. Due to this, we would like to thank you our customers and encourage advertising with us using the Payback program.

    Every Token (Ad) you purchase participates in our Payback Program.

    • With every token purchase ($50), 40% of the purchase price ($20) goes into the Payback Pool
    • At each midnight (server time) our system automatically splits the Payback Pool equally between active token owners
    • The Payback Pool is a fluctuating bonus, which depends on the advertising packs we sell for that day

    Example: If you buy 10 Tokens (cost: $500) and the Payback bonus at the current week is 1% per day, you receive $5,- per day every midnight.

  • How much does it cost?

    Our Advertising System is based on tokens. One token costs USD 50. Each token can be spent to any of our advertising packages, available inside your Member's Area. We are always enhancing the ways for the advertisements, so more and more ways can be added sooner or later, but a token can be spent to buy any of our ad packages!

  • Is it possible to buy a Token if I don't have a website?

    You don’t need to have your own website to receive visitors from TrafficHeap. You can register your PTC or any other Referral links, affiliate network URLs. By directing the traffic you buy from us to your affiliate links you can receive referrals, earn commission from affiliate networks.

    You can even register your TrafficHeap Affiliate URL! In that case if someone signs up while the rotator shows them your page, they will be your TrafficHeap referral (You will earn the commission from their purchases)!

  • How can I pay?

    Currently we accept: Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, Payza, Bitcoin, PayPal,

  • How much money can I make with the Affiliate Program?

    When you refer new customers to TrafficHeap, you will receive 12% of their purchases! That is $6 for EVERY Token your Affiliate buys from TrafficHeap!

    When your affiliate brings their friends because he/she is happy with TrafficHeap, your affiliate will receive 12% commission and you will also receive 12% as well! This is our 2 level deep affiliate program!

    Example: When you invite 10 members, who purchase 10 Tokens/Ads each, you will immediately receive a commission of $600 (!!!) and you can use that commission to buy more Tokens/Ads for yourself or have it paid out to your payment system- or bank account.

    When your 10 affiliates do the same (meaning they also refer 10 customers each, who will then buy 10 Tokens each), you will receive a huge $6000 (!!!!) for Rebuy or withdrawal!

  • Can I have multiple accounts with TrafficHeap?

    No, it is forbidden to have multiple accounts with us due to the anti-money laundering laws. One Payment System Account / Bank Account can only be assigned to One TrafficHeap account (example: You cannot use Perfect Money U1234567 account on both yours and your wife/husband's TrafficHeap account)

  • What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

    The minimum withdrawal amount at the moment is $1.00. It is possible that this amount will be changed in the future, due to fluctuating payment system fees and the growth of user accounts at TrafficHeap.

  • Tax / VAT?

    TrafficHeap is registered as an International Business Company, and therefore does not have to pay tax on any purchases, so the amounts listed on the invoices are the amounts you have to pay to us. Any money you earn from our system or make with us are subject to your own country's tax rules, not TrafficHeap's. We recommend you to contact your own country's tax office for more information.

  • How long does it take to process a Cashout?

    We pay all cashout requests after manual verification. Most payment requests are paid within 24 hours, but there can be peak times which can cause delays, so please wait for at least 7 days before submitting a support ticket regarding a pending payment.

  • I have made up my mind, is it possible to cancel a Payment Request and use the money for Ad Purchase instead?

    Yes, absolutely! If you want to cancel your payment request, you can do that by clicking the X next to Waiting. After that the amount will be returned to your balance available to spend or request for cashout again.