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Advertise and Earn Money with TrafficHeap Revenue Sharing

I've used trafficheap to advertise my PTC referral links. Now I have a lot of direct referrals which now earn money for me! So I've earned money with TrafficHeap Rotator and even with their Revenue Sharing. They also have an affiliate program where I'll refer my friends and make money too!

Predrag Casar -

When I contacted you for the first time - I was in a big hurry, and I did not have time wait for your answer because I needed lots of traffic right away. I even decided Immediately buy Your 1 day Rotator day but I gave up because I was confused after I had read that after my first payment with my PayPal account my funds go seven days to Pending status - and as I said, I gave up and after that I did not come to Your Site anymore. On W3adz I'm in a month reached 3100 direct referrals. Currently I stand with advertising for W3adz because I now fill the other pages but for testing Your Rotator traffic I think That is now my w3adz promo site perfect because I will be able to easily see the advertising results. I will also study tomorrow Your affiliate program and I prepare in the coming days promo materials for your rotator advertising.

Best regards
Predrag Casar - chas75

TrafficHeap Advertising Impressed me!

I have found TrafficHeap and tried to advertise my PTC referral link with it. WOW, I've received more than 70 direct referrals in only 1 day! Good work trafficheap

TrafficHeap Advertising is BOOM!

Be careful when you advertise with TrafficHeap! My website was so busy with the visitors that I've received from them, it almost went down. I had to upgrade my server so it could handle the amount of visitors I now receive. TrafficHeap is a really nice program. Simple and easy to use and low cost as well. I can only recommend their services.

TrafficHeap Welcome - Administrator Notice

I'd like to welcome you to TrafficHeap. The company has just launched and is ready to fulfill your advertising needs. Have questions or recommendations? Simply submit a support ticket! In the meantime feel free to browse our websites and test our services. Thanks for watching!